Slab Marble Countertops and their Home Uses

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Slab MarbleMarble is commonly regarded as a status symbol. A simple slab marble floor or even a marble countertop in the bathroom can add layers of luxury, class and sophistication to a home that entirely change the overall feel. Marble dates back to the days of ancient Greece where it was prized, displayed and valued for its beauty. Marble is a beautiful alternative to granite and provides many of the same benefits as granite with a few minor exceptions. Much like granite, slab marble retains its value very well and even increases the overall value of the home if the correct style and colours are picked. Marble comes in a variety of colours, patterns and general style so making the correct decision is one that should be contemplated with the assistance of someone who has experience with marble.
The benefits of marble include:
  • Marble can be custom edged to meet a pattern or desired look.
  • Marble doesn't chip easily.
  • Marble is fairly durable and can withstand most heavy traffic.
  • Marble is heat resistant making it an ideal working surface or place to hold hot things such as pots, toasters or curling irons.
  • Marble is truly beautiful and improves aesthetic sense.
  • Marble is slightly scratch-resistant.
  • Marble comes in a variety of colours and patterns.
The advantages of slab marble are significant for uses outside of the kitchen. While marble can potentially be used in kitchens, it is generally suggested that granite for kitchen countertops is a better choice. This is due to the porosity of marble that allows something spilled especially acidic foods or drink to cause possible staining. That being said, with care a marble kitchen counter can be a beautiful thing if properly maintained. Maintenance to ensure its long term viability and beauty means sealing annually, or more frequently if highly used, cleaning up spills immediately as they happen and using correct cleaning methods on the marble.
Some other disadvantages of marble include:
  • Scratching can occur, despite best efforts, the softness and porosity of marble make it more prone to scratches than granite but still significantly less than other countertop options.
  • Repairs are difficult. While it takes a significant amount of force to damage, chip or break marble, repairing it is a long process that can take skilled repair people many hours.
Overall, marble is a fantastic choice for home use. Especially with marble tiles or marble flooring which can be a stunning addition. When considering if marble is right for you, you must consider two things beyond the advantages and disadvantages. These two things are:
  1. How much you generally like the way marble looks and the statement it makes? If you really love it, then other concerns should not be a deciding factor because they can be managed.
  2. Are you dedicated to ensuring the proper maintenance and time is given to your slab marble? This means regularly sealing, cleaning and other upkeep tasks. Marble maintains its value and increases the value of a home, but this requires regular maintenance by the owner to keep them in good condition.